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V-Net Cables
6" 280-CA-VM-006
12" 280-CA-VM-012
18" 280-CA-VM-018
24" 280-CA-VM-024
36" 280-CA-VM-036
48" 280-CA-VM-048
60" 280-CA-VM-060
72" 280-CA-VM-072
84" 280-CA-VM-084
96" 280-CA-VM-096
108" 280-CA-VM-108
120" 280-CA-VM-120
144" 280-CA-VM-144
168" 280-CA-VM-168
192" 280-CA-VM-192
216" 280-CA-VM-216

Tee Connectors/Caps/Bulkhead Connectors

Tee cables allow the user to "branch off" the main Vnet cable, to access Vnet sensors and gauges that are out of reach of the main Vnet cable.

Bulkhead connectors are used when a V-Net cable must pass through a firewall, body or motor plate. They provide a male/female connector on each side of the panel.

One male terminator cap (280-CA-VM-TCAM) must be installed on the last Vnet module, connected to the AUX to Vnet cable.

Tee Cable, 9" 280-CA-VM-T009
Tee Cable, 18 " 280-CA-VM-T018
Tee Cable, 36 " 280-CA-VM-T036
Terminator Cap, Male 280-CA-VM-TCAPM
Terminator Cap, Female 280-CA-VM-TCAPFM
Bulkhead Connector 280-CA-VM-BHEAD

Gauge Cables


Gauge to Gauge

(Each end of the cable has the small gauge connector that plugs directly into the back of the Intelli-Gauges)

8" 280-CA-RGG-008
16" 280-CA-RGG-016
24" 280-CA-RGG-024
48" 280-CA-RGG-048
288" 280-CA-RGG-288
Gauge to Vnet Tee Cable

(Connects gauge to V-net or another V-Net module)
8" 280-CA-RGG-T008
16" 280-CA-RGG-T016
24" 280-CA-RGG-T024
Gauge Dust Plug --  280-CA-RGG-PLUG
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